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An Official Licensed Product, this Traditional Paddle features a full-colored crest printed on vinyl beneath a layer of die-cut clear acrylic on the handle.


  • Printed crest on vinyl allows for the whole spectrum of colors and is protected by a thin layer of acrylic.

  • Made from solid maple or oak wood, these paddles have a premium feel and can really shine when painted or stained

  • Slide your finger across the surface to admire its smooth-sanded feel

  • Not just a slab of wood--the edges are equipped with Ogee-style edges for a classy and traditional look

  • Includes a ready-to-hang keyhole located on the back-top of the paddle


Available Sizes:

2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 feet



  • Maple

When paint is your choice of finish, maple is a fine selection. Also known as "hard maple", its even surface is preferable for vibrant colors.


  • Oak

Handpicked solid oak wood ensure quality and durability. Naturally, its grains are soft and especially great for staining.


Want to do more with your paddle? Head on over to our Custom section to learn more.

Sigma Phi Epsilon Traditional Greek Paddle w/ Vinyl Crest Handle

  • Dimensions

    • 24" x 6”

    • 36” x 7.5”

    • 48” x 8.5”

    • 60” x 9.5”

    • 72" x 9.5"


    For best results:

    Maple = Paints

    Oak = Stains

  • Processing Time

    3 business days


    Free US Shipping

    3-6 business days

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