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About Us

Original Greek was born out of the desire to craft something different. What started in our backyard as a small paddle manufacturing company has evolved into the modern resource for Greek ambassadors. We've since relocated to a warehouse in Walnut, CA.


We aim to advocate Greek life including the individuality, good character, and the success of modern day Greeks. We believe that Greeks should be recognized for their positive impacts on the community as well as their college campus. It is a brand truly made for Greeks, by Greeks.

As Greeks we are responsible to make the Greek community what it is. It is up to us to portray our positive image onto the world. With a passionate team that is no stranger to the Greek community, and a collection of outlets ready to be utilized, we want to share the tools to build something more than what’s traditional--something original. Created by you.


We would love to hear from you!

Email us at:

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