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This Semi-Custom Paddle is fitted with our signature OG Letters Handle and is topped off with our large double-stacked letters painted with a clean black trim and stained oak body. The only thing left to do is add your personal touch! 


Don't forget to add your letters to your cart!



  • Painted Letters Handle
  • Painted Black Trim
  • Stained Oak Body
  • Double-Stacked Letters
  • Tapered Edges


🌲 How To Order:
1) Add the item to your shopping cart
2) Choose your desired Height
3) Include Greek Letters for customization in the 'Customization' box 
4) Add to Cart


🌲 Processing Time: 5-7 business days

🌲 Shipping time: USA: 3-5 business days

🌲 Note: Due to the nature of wood, grains will vary. 

If you have any questions, We are happy to help!

All rights reserved | ©Original Greek


Semi-Custom Personalized Letters Handle Paddle with Black Trim and Stained Body

  • Dimensions


    2 Foot

    Height: 24"

    Width: 6"


    3 Foot

    Height: 36"

    Width: 7.5”


    4 Foot

    Height: 48”

    Width: 8.5”


    5 Foot

    Height: 60"

    Width: 9.5”


    Wood Type:

    Oak - Best for Staining

    Maple - Best for Painting

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