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OG Full Custom Form Guide


If you're here, you want to create a project that's totally different from what's available on the market. This option allows you to customize everything from the ground up. Below you'll find an extensive guide on the process.

If you haven't visited our Getting Started on Paddles Guide yet, we recommend reading that first.

Table of Contents

1. Current Turnaround Time

2. Finding Inspiration & Ideation

3. Choosing a Shape

4. Choosing a Size

5. Adding Features

6. Adding Letters

7. Assembly & Delivery

8. Paints & Finishes

1. Current Turnaround Time

The time it will take to produce and complete your order from payment. Shipping is not included in this timeframe.

Custom Work with No Assembly:
2 Weeks

Custom Work with Full Assembly:
3-4 weeks (depends on complexity of design)

2. Finding Inspiration & Ideation

Get out a blank piece of paper and start brainstorming.

You can also start browsing the internet for inspiration. We recommend browsing our past work, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google Images.

Create a moodboard on Pinterest or a collection on Instagram to keep all your ideas in one place.

3. Choosing a Shape

A common shape for album cover imitations


Long, thin shape of a traditional paddle and can be customized in a number of ways.


One of our most popular shapes. The circle shape can fit a number of features



A number of designs can be made from the rectangle shape.